Kimie Kousui Yanagisawa     Sougetsu

Once asked about my life,I said that I live with flowers for such a long time.

Flowers are my friends who heal and love me. I always thank the presence

of flowers in my life. I hope that my flower work makes people happy and gentle. Now I can't help but keep on doing flower works.



Kousui Yanagisawa  (Sougetsu Name)

Kimie Yanagisawa

Sougetsu Riji

Member of Ikebana International, Tokyo Founding Chapter

President of Kashin-an

President of ART LAKSY

 1974      Started learning Sougetsu Ikebana.


 1993       In charge of the flower arrangement in Yokohama Ryouiki-en Medical Care Center from 1993 till the present time.


 2004      First Exhibition “Kousui Yanagisawa and Friends” at Setagaya Art Museum


 2007      From this year till the present time, she has taken charge of the flower arrangement at Yokohama City       Saiseikai East Hospital, Handicapped Institute named Salvia.


 2008      Second Exhibition “Kousui Yanagisawa and Friends” at Setagaya Art Museum


 2010 7 Demonstration&Workshop of Dr.Ricardo Carraso's succession of Banmi Shofu-Ryu  in Hawaii.


          9   The 11th Ikebana International Asian Conference in Manila.


 2010     Opened a multipurpose space named ART LAKSY in Kaminoge, Setagaya Ku, Tokyo.


 2010     Third Exhibition “Kousui Yanagisawa and Friends” at ART LAKSY.


 2012       The 10th Ikebana International World Conference in Tokyo, Daiba.


               The 45th Ikebana International anniversary of Taipei Chapter in Taiwan.


 2014        The 8th Ikebana International Europian Conference in Potsdom,Berlin.


 2014      “Symbiosis” Exhibition at "Minatomirai Gallery" in Yokohama.


 2015       The 12th Ikebana International Asian Conference in Taipei chapter.


 2016  5    Demonstration in St,Peters burg chapter of "Ikebana International" in Florida.


               Disney World Epcot Center International Flower and garden show (Demonstration )


And also she has been participating in many Sogetsu exhibitions and events.               



She organized the following art projects:


 2007      Wall painting “Mizu-no-Heya” (Water Pool) at Aoba Medical Center

 2007      Wall painting of the bathroom for the handicapped children at Salvia Handicapped Institute of  Yokohama City                   Saiseikai East Hospital.

 2008      Wall painting (40 m)  “Rich Products of Akita Prefecture”

 2009       In charge of Art Gallery of Yokohama City Saiseikai East Hospital

 2010      Wall painting of “Big Ash Tree” on the gallery of ART LAKSY

 2010      Wall painting (50 m) Big Ash Tree at Hodogaya Touch, a Handicapped Institute in Yokohama City.




She has also given numerous workshops, demonstrations, and exhibitions at ART LAKSY, hospitals, handicapped children institutes, nursing homes, abused children homes as well as in hotels, schools and churches.



 2007     “Meguri Ai”  (Meeting and Loving),  an essay describing her floral experiences and her beloved dog.








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